Delta Airlines – Reservations, Check in & Flight Status

Delta Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the United States that is operating its services with an extensive home and international network all over the world. Delta Airlines and its subsidiary companies are operating more than four thousands flights in a day. Delta Airlines offers online reservation, check in and flight status checking opportunity to provide an excellent and on time services to its customers. All necessary links are available in Resource section in the below of this page.

How to Reserve Tickets online?

To make reservation process easy and hassle free, Delta Airlines offers online reservation. Customers can reserve their ticket easily from the website of Delta Airlines. To book a trip, you need to choose whether it is a Round trip or One-way trip. Enter departure airport, destination airport and other necessary information of your upcoming trip and click ‘Find Flights’. Choose your flight types, put the passenger information, make payment and finish your online reservation. You will be given a Confirmation code that will be required to Check in and check Flight Status.

How to How to Check in?

Passengers can check in different ways. Online Check-in, Mobile Check-in, Airport Kiosk Check-in and Airport Curbside Check-in are offered by Delta Airlines.

Online Check-in: Passengers can easily check in by the online check in procedure. They can check in online 01-24 hours prior to the flight departure time. Customers need to visit Itineraries & Check-in at SkyMiles, Confirmation number, Credit card number or eTicket number will be required to check in. Passengers can make any other changes during the checking in time. After checking in, print the boarding passes. They can print the boarding pass latter too.

Mobile Check-in: Mobile check in procedure is also like online check in. After confirming e-Boarding pass, it will be sent to customer’s mobile number or email id.

Airport Kiosk Check-in: In airport kiosk, you may check in by scanning the barcode on your printed itinerary or boarding pass. Credit card or SkyMiles card or enter your SkyMiles number, confirmation number, or ticket number can be used to check in too.

Airport Curbside Check-in: Airport curbside check-in option is available in about hundreds location in the United States. Present your ID with other documents to check in.

How to check a Flight Status?

To check Flight Status, you need to visit the flight checking website of Delta Airlines. Just put departure, destination airport and flight date to check the flight status.


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