SunTrust Bank Bill Pay – Pay Bills at

SunTrust bank provides online bill pay services to its online banking customers. It is fast, free, secured & free of charge. Customers can pay bills to anyone in United States. They can schedule their upcoming bill payment and SunTrust Bill pay service will pay those bills according to the dates they scheduled. If you are a SunTrust online banking customer, you can pay your bills with just following steps.

How to Pay Bills with SunTrust Online Billpay Service?

  1. Login to your SunTrust online banking account in their official website.
  2. Your account summary will be appeared, then click Bill Pay tab. If you have not added any biller in your biller list then you have to add billers in your biller list to make payment. But, if you did it, you may skip these (3 to 10) steps.
  3. Click Add a biller from the tab in upper side.
  4. Choose the company or person you want to pay.
  5. In search box enter your biller name.
  6. Click Search.
  7. Choose your desired company from the list and click Continue.
  8. Put your Account Number (As it appears on bill).
  9. Put Biller’s Address, ZIP code and click Add Bill.
  10. Click Add another Bill to add more biller or click Finished. Your billers will be listed in payment setup. You can update Biller information any time by clicking Manage Bills tab.
  11. To pay, just click your Payment center.
  12. Put the Amount of money and Pay date in the boxes to which you wish to pay. You can use Calendar icon to schedule your bills.
  13. Click Make Payment to submit.
  14. Your due payment will be shown in Pending Payments.

You can choose automatic payment option in the Manage Bills tab. You also can view your bill payment history in Bill History tab. Dial 1-800-382-3232 for further query.

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