Sovereign Bank Bill Pay – Pay Bills Online

Sovereign Bank provides bill pay services to its online banking customers. Customers can pay their bills in seconds in an easiest way. Generally, paying bills is a hazardous work. If you are a customer of Sovereign Bank online banking service, you can pay your bills online and make you free from those hazards.

How to Pay Bills Online with Sovereign Bank Bill-pay Service?

To pay your bills, you need to login your Sovereign Bank online account at Sovereign Bank website. After you successfully login to your account, your account summary will be shown. Then follow the following steps:

  1. Click ‘BillPay & eBills’ from the buttons appeared in tab in upper side of the page.
  2. Then, add your billers to your biller list, Click ‘Add a bill’ button (if you have not added any biller in previous time).
  3. Choose the type of your bill that you want to add. (Just put the name of company you wish to pay and Sovereign Bank’s database will automatically retrieve your company’s payment address information).
  4. Click ‘Continue’.
  5. Enter your Account number in the box titled Account Number. Again confirm your Account number. (Your Account number is the number that appears on your bill).
  6. Enter your ZIP Code in the box titled ZIP Code.
  7. Click ‘Add Bill’ button.
  8. Click ‘Add Another Bill’ button to add another biller or just click ‘Finished’ button. When you added your biller to your list, then you can pay the bill.
  9. From the payment set-up, choose your Primary Account from which you wish to debit your payments.
  10. Simply put the amount of money in the box for the corresponding billers you want to pay.
  11. Click the calendar icon to schedule the pay dates.
  12. Next, Click ‘Make Payment’ button.
  13. You will be given opportunity to review your payment, if the information is correct, Click ‘Finished’ button.

Your scheduled bill will be shown in Pending payments at the Payment Center of your account for payment.

You can enjoy e-bill service to receive and pay your bills electronically. To set up your e-Bill, Click e-Bill icon that appears in left of the biller name. Put your Account Number and Mother’s Maiden Name. Then decide whether you wish to receive email notification or not. Then tick the box to accept their Terms & Conditions. Then put your personal details & finally click Add Feature button. Your e-Bill notification will be sent to your e-mail address as a quick reminder.

After finishing your activity, don’t forget to click Log Out button.