Harland Clarke Checks – Order Online at OrdermyChecks.Com

Harland Clarke provides integrated payment solution and other services. It provides payment solution to financial institutions, investment organizations, individual consumers and so on. Major financial institutions to individual consumers are the client of Harland Clarke. A client of the banks that provides Harland Clarke Checks can order checks online from www.ordermychecks.com/. To order checks online he need to login in Harland Clarke’s website with his Routing and Transit & Account Number.

How to Order Harland Clarke Checks Online?

If you like to order your checks online from Harland Clarke, You need to follow the Steps:

  1. Visit their Official website of Harland Clarke.
  2. In left login area will appear with title (Log in to shop or inquire on order status).
  3. Put your Routing & Transit number. (Routing number is 9-digit nuber located in the bottom left of your check)
  4. Put Account number. (Account number is the set of numbers located just after Routing number )
  5. Chose one category of your checks (Personal checks or Business Checks)
  6. Click Log In

Then you will redirect to a new page where you can perform your ordering procedure & additional activities.


Harland Clarke