Disney Visa Credit Card Overview

If you could enjoy your vacations with your family with your favorite Disney magic card with rewards, how would it be? Oh, Bank One has brought this opportunity to you. One Bank is offering Visa Disney Credit card that offers Disney reward when you use the card. You can use the card for making your holidays as great fun. Bank One and Walt Disney have brought this opportunity for the persons who qualify. You have to pass a standard credit check for being qualified for Disney Visa card.

How does it work?

Disney rewards are automatically accumulated to your account while you use your Disney Visa card at your nearest stores or online. Your earned points can be redeemed at Disney stores, Disney Land Resort, Disney cruise line, online stores at Disneystore.com and much more.

Advantages of Disney Visa Card

  • No annual fees for Platinum card
  • Reasonable interest for six month
  • No blackout date for vacation
  • Unique card design and much more.

Disadvantages of Disney Visa Card

  • As you increase your Disney rewards, your debt also increases too
  • The more purchase, the more interest
  • High Annual Percentage Rate after introductory period
  • Short grace period than other cards.

If you be interested to have a Disney Visa Card after understanding both the advantages and disadvantage of the card, you may apply for a Disney Visa card by Dialing 1-888-878-7222.