Credit One Credit Card Payment Methods

Payment of your Credit One credit card on time is essential to save you from various unwanted matters. You will be charged a late fee if you be unable to pay your payment on or before your payment due date. Inability to pay the payment on date will affect your credit score too. If you are searching for assistance to pay your Credit One credit card payment, I’m here to help you. You may refer to my instructions those might be helpful to you.

How to Pay Credit One Credit Card Payment?

Credit One bank offers different payment option to the cardholders to make their payment method easy. All the procedures are described below.

Payment by Mail:

  1. Write a check mentioning account number on the check with the amount you need to pay.
  2. Include the payment receipt that you got with your bill.
  3. Envelope both check & receipt and post the mail to Payment Services, P.O. Box 60500, City of Industry, CA 91716-0500.

Note: Generally, express mail service takes 24 hours and standard mail service takes 4-5 business days to arrive your payment.

Payment by MoneyGram:

You may send your payment by using MoneyGram express payment service. You will need to send your payment mentioning your 16-digit credit card account number and Credit One Bank’s Receive code, 1430.

Payment by Western Union:

You may also send your payment by Western Union. You will need to provide your 16-digit account number and their ‘code city’ CREDITONEBANK and their “code state” NV.

Online Payment:

You can pay your Credit One Credit Card payment online with your Credit One Credit card online account. You will need to login your account with your credential and make your payment. If you don’t have online account, you may register your account free of charge. Both login and registration process has been discussed in my another post.


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