Activate a Target RedCard at

A Target RedCard (Target Debit Card) requires activation before the first use of the card. Target Debit Card can be activated over the phone and online easily. Activation of the card enables the cardholders to shop from Target stores in comparatively less price and offers other benefits too. If you have a Target Red Card and looking for help to activate your card, you may follow my instructions.

How to Activate a Target RedCard?

Activation via Phone:

Dial 1-888-729-7332 to activate your card. Your personal information, account information and card information may be required to activate the card.

Online Activation:

  1. Visit the official card activation portal of Target RedCard (see ‘Resources’).
  2. Put your personal information.
  3. Put your Target REDCard Account Number.
  4. Put 3-Digit Security Code that appears in back side of the card.
  5. Click ‘SUBMIT’ button.

Your card activation message will be displayed.


Target RedCard Activation